In summer 2019, our family pioneered the very first Crypto Kids Camp in History calling our track: "BEAST MODE". We started with a humble 21 students half of which attended on scholarship out of our very own pockets. 


Our Plan

We plan to expose children and youth in every state to going "BEAST MODE" on breaks. We are new, relevant, resilient, and determined to be the change we want to see in our communities.  We will be the nations go-to educator in this NEW world order for children and youth during school breaks. (Spring, Summer & Winter) 

My grandmother was from the South and she used to say "An idled mind is the Devils workshop!" Children in the Inner Cities are being deprived of exposure to the things they need to be engaged in the world today.  Social Media has taken over the lives of our children and are shaping the way they think.  Old school curriculum can not compete with the new technology at hand.  Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education is Non Existent but offers the children alternatives to what is catching their attention at present. History has proved Blacks and Hispanics are educationally marginalized and as a result make up less than 1/3 of all individuals employed in private sector technology jobs. That same demographic fortunate enough to graduate college, have a mound of debt and find NO viable employment opportunities to sustain themselves.  Crypto Kids Camp has the answer for all of our children and can now, shift that broken narrative. 

Why we are asking Sports to Push Tech

FACT:  1 in 4,000 black teenage boys make it to the NBA or NFL.  In inner city communities across the US the non verbal aspiration of someone making it to the PROS is what is emphasized and supported. Excelling at sports for most is what we do, and do it well. In order to make and achieve that reality parents have been known to hold a child back a grade level or two in order to ensure a better look from talent scouts in High School.  After years of dedication and constant grooming an injury, lack of marketing or skill leaves our black youth destitute and the end result most times is catastrophic.   94% of NBA and NFL players rise from inner cities communities, they understand the challenges.  We are asking them to give back by supporting and pushing Tech in the city where they currently play and in the communities in which they grew up. 

Call Us: 1-424-227-7047   /   najah@cryptoblockchainplug.com   /  614 East Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301

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