Our Mission

To accelerate children's knowledge of technology for the future of work.

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Bridging The Gap

We strive to give every kid and teen in our program the opportunity to learn the skills that will help them thrive in the business world of tomorrow. Many inner-city schools don’t offer basic technology education, let alone blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. All of that threatens to propagate a continuing problem, in which African-Americans and Latinos are severely underrepresented in high-end, private-sector technology jobs.

Workforce Skills

Many young people don’t feel ready for the future of work. A 2019 study by the OECD and World Skills found that while teens and young adults feel confident in their overall ability to find a job, they also feel unprepared for work because their education failed to arm them with the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace. 

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Technology Class

Tools to Succeed

Crypto Kids Camp aims to teach skill sets that many schools don’t provide, while also serving as a model for schools to follow as they seek to upgrade their own curriculums. Our instructors work in the emerging tech field enabling them to offer lessons that are rooted in cutting-edge, real-world experience.


Our campers range in age from 5 to 17, giving them the opportunity to keep coming back to Crypto Kids Camp to grow, learn, and advance, while making lasting friendships along the way. 

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Our Vision

To build leaders, innovators, and creators for a decentralized future.

The future we envision is  a world where all children and teens have the opportunity to learn technology. That future has children and teens from all walks of life having the same education in order to compete in a global economy. 


Crypto Kids Camp is committed to being available to  all children no matter their socioeconomics. A child who attends our camp at a young age and follows the program all the way through will gain invaluable skills that will pave the way for fulfilling careers in tech, including advancement into executive jobs. 


The time has come for a new generation of tech leaders to step up. Crypto Kids Camp plans to play an integral role in educating and supporting those future leaders.